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Praying Together will take your relationship to a whole new place!

Have you ever felt there just isn’t enough of you to go around.  In chapter 5 which I entitled, “The Perfect Storm” I was feeling so guilty. We had purchased a house that I was renovating and I was having to spend many nights down the street at the project house working. Beth was experiencing

How are you living life in the midst of your life storm?

I recently read this quote, “Too many people are having what might be called ‘near-life experiences’”  We all know what a “near-death experience” is, but “near-life”?  I think often the storms of life give people an excuse to not truly live life!  In chapter 9 of my book I share how Beth and I with

Interview with Gloria Grace Rand on her Live. Love. Engage. podcast!

So excited I got to talk about my new book, “Don’t Waste This Storm”  with @GloriaGraceRand on her Live. Love. Engage. podcast! During the interview, I shared how my wife and I discovered how to live with purpose instead of throw a pity party in the storm of terminal cancer! Listen to the interview on